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Best Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

A fully automatic Top Load washing machine is the perfect balance between a semi automatic washer and a front load washer. It has major benefits of a front loader but costs less than it. This post brings you the list of best top load fully automatic washing machines in India for the year 2021. At the end of the post you can also find a quick buying guide for choosing a top load washer.

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Best Top Load Washing Machine

Top Load Washing MachineCapacity
LG T70SKSF1Z7 kg
Samsung WA70A4002GS7 kg
Whirlpool WHITEMAGIC ELITE7.5 kg
Panasonic NA-F70LF1HRB7 kg
Bosch WOE654Y0IN6.5 kg
Haier HWM62-AE6.2 kg

1. LG 7 Kg Top Load Washing Machine

Key Specifications
  • Model: T70SKSF1Z
  • Capacity: 7 kg
  • Max RPM: 780
  • Drum Type: Stainless Steel
  • Special Features: 3-Step Wash, Tub Clean, TurboDrum
  • Warranty: 2 Year

If you are looking for a top load washing machine with several features and good after sales support then look at this LG top loader model T70SKSF1Z. This washing machine can accommodate 5 shirts, and 5 jeans in a single wash cycle. Being 7kg in capacity, this is ideal for families of 3-4 members.

LG offers its top loaders in different capacities. You can check the 6.2 kg and 9kg variant if your family is smaller or bigger respectively.

It comes with 8 wash programs to cater your different wash requirements. These are namely normal, quick wash, rinse, tubclean, gentle wash, prewash, strong wash.

All LG washers feature smart inverter technology and save power, time, and money. The inverter technology makes the spinning drum to spin at variable RPM based on the load and type of clothes. This leads to power saving.

It comes with a drum made of stainless steel and will last for a long time. For self-cleaning of the washing machine the company has designed a wash program called the tub clean feature which is unique for this very purpose.

Comes with Child Lock feature to prevent malfunction due to the use of any unwanted setting by young naughty children.

It has built-in memory backup for storing the instants of a wash cycle, this is crucial at the time of power outage. With the help of this the washer can resume the operation/wash cycle from the point it stopped. You can monitor your washing machine with your smartphone, just download the SmartThinQ app from playstore.

  • 8 Wash Programs
  • Self Cleaning Feature
  • Monitor the Machine with Smartphone
  • No 100% drying of clothes
  • No Hot Wash Program

2. Samsung 7 kg Top Load Washing Machine

Key Specifications
  • Model: WA70A4002GS
  • Capacity: 7 kg
  • Max RPM: 680
  • Drum Type: Stainless Steel
  • Special Features: Air Turbo, Magic Filter, Monsoon Dry
  • Warranty: 2 Year

This is a Samsung 7kg top loader ideal for a family of 4. You can wash 5 shirts, and 5 jeans in a single wash cycle. It comes with 6 different wash programs for different types of fabric and requirement. If you have a bigger family of 6-8 members then you can have a look at this 10 kg variant.

The most needed wash program is available here – quick wash. This allows the washing and drying of the laundry in a very short time. No need for manual labour, even aged people with less use of technology can operate this washing machine with ease. If you are wondering where to place this machine in your home then you can place it near the kitchen or inside the washroom. 

The machine is white and silvery in color and looks aesthetically appealing. Its uniquely designed diamond drum prevents fabrics from sticking to the surface and also allows for a gentler wash.

To protect the insides of the machine and prevent foul smell due to rats, a rat mesh is installed. Samsung gives a complete 2 year warranty on this product. Instead of the traditional lint filter design, it comes with Magic Filter which is a uniquely designed lint filter for better lint collection. The company uses dual vents during the drying cycle for better and faster drying of clothes. They call it the “monsoon dry” feature.

  • Good After Sales Support
  • Quiet Operation
  • Monsoon Dry feature
  • No Built-in Heater

3. Whirlpool 7.5 Kg WHITEMAGIC ELITE

Key Specifications
  • Capacity: 7.5 kg
  • Max RPM: 740
  • Drum Type: Stainless Steel
  • Special Features: Hard Water Wash, Back Control Panel, Auto Tub Clean
  • Warranty: 2 Year

Whirlpool is the number 1 brand in semi automatic washing machines. Its other products like the top loader and front loader are also equally good.

If you have a family of 4-5 members then have a look at this budget friendly washer from a whirlpool of 7.5 kg capacity. It is priced at a lower price but still is offering higher washer capacity from other brands. Check this 9.5 kg capacity whirlpool top loader with built-in heater and hot wash program, this is ideal if you have a bigger family of 6-8 members.

We Indians suffer from hard water problem. This creates issues like poor cleaning of stains, accumulation of carbonates in the internal components of the machine, etc. To cater this issue this washer comes with a hard water wash program which works effectively with soft or hard water.

Choose from 12 different wash programs for various types of fabric and according to your varying needs. Washing machine needs occasional maintenance for cleaning its insides, this machine has an auto tub cleaning program for the same.

The child lock feature prevents any kind of interruption from your children in between the wash cycle. Unlike front load washers the top load washers are slower in spinning speed but not with this whirlpool machine, with its express wash feature, it can reduce the spinning time by 30-40%.

Comes with ZPF technology to resolve the water pressure problems during the filling of water inside the washer drum. It can fill water faster even when the water pressure is very low.

  • Budget Friendly
  • Hard Water Wash
  • Auto Tub Clean
  • 12 Wash Programs
  • Sometimes makes too much noise

4. Panasonic 7 Kg 5 Star AquaBeat Washing Machine

Key Specifications
  • Model: NA-F70LF1HRB
  • Capacity: 7 kg
  • Max RPM: 680
  • Drum Type: Stainless Steel
  • Special Features: Self-Diagnosis, Water Magic Flow, Power-off Memory
  • Warranty: 2 Year

After looking over other washing machines have a look at this Panasonic top loading washer of 7kg, ideal for a family of 4. In one go you can clean 6 shirts, 4 jeans, and 2 pillowcases. 

Add your laundry, set the wash program depending on the type of cloth or on the basis of your requirement, and forget everything because this machine can automatically add water to the appropriate level based on the weight of load and clean-dry your clothes without any manual intervention.

Panasonic markets its cleaning process as AquaBeat technology. It is a 3-way wash mechanism which optimizes the washing performance in order to conserve water, energy, and time. 

Like every other washing machine, this front loader comes with an LED display to control its settings like wash programs, timers, etc. What is Power-off Memory? It is a very useful function which allows the washer to re-continue the washing from where it was left during a power outage.

Its lint filter is called as “magic filter” which is efficient in catching lint, dirt, fluff, etc during a wash. It can work evenly regardless of the water level. Clothes do tangle less with this washer, the washer drum is designed in such a manner that it allows an effective washing process.

In terms of design it looks like a normal washing machine. It is blackish grey in color and comes with a 2 year warranty on the product. This model is available in 3 different capacities – 6,7,8 kgs respectively on Flipkart.

  • Magic Filter
  • AquaBeat Technology
  • Several Wash Programs
  • Vibrates violently sometimes

5. IFB 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Key Specifications
  • Model: TL-RGS
  • Capacity: 7 kg
  • Max RPM: 780
  • Drum Type: Stainless Steel
  • Special Features: Aqua Energie, 3D wash and triadic pulsator
  • Warranty: 4 Year

Here is an Indian brand IFB which manufactures world class washing machines. Its washer’s effectiveness and quality is world recognized. However it is also one of the worst brand for servicing and after sales support. This is a 7kg capacity washer ideal for a family of 3-4. If you are unable to wash all your clothes in a one single cycle then look for a bigger capacity washer or divide your clothes in multiple batches for washing.

It features 6 wash programs to choose from which are namely power wash, smart sense, express, jeans, delicates, tub clean. If you have to wash woollen or silk clothes then choose the delicate wash program. If you have sportswear made of nylon then choose power wash. Tub clean is used for cleaning the washer tub from debris of dirt, and detergent left over.

IFB is the only company which offers a warranty of 3-4 years. This comes with a complete 4 year warranty. For better dissolving and penetration of detergent a filter is used inside which energises the water for better wash. This is called Aqua Energie.

For giving a gentler wash to reduce damage to the fabric, grooves are made inside the washer drum in the form of crescent moon. Another feature called the Triadic pulsator is used for cleaning of clothes more efficiently. The 1st step is to eliminate dirt from the core of clothing, the 2nd step is to remove dirt from the remaining parts, and the 3rd step is to flush out the residue.

  • 4 Year Warranty
  • Aqua Energie
  • Better Build Quality
  • Pathetic Servicing

6. Bosch 6.5 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine  

Key Specifications
  • Model: WOE654Y0IN
  • Capacity: 6.5 kg
  • Max RPM: 680
  • Drum Type: Stainless Steel
  • Special Features: Power Wave Wash, Magic Filter
  • Warranty: 2 Year

After seeing several washing machines, now have a look at this top loading washing machine from Bosch, a German company renowned for building world class washing machines. This is a 6.5kg capacity washer ideal for a family of 2-3 members. The opening and closing lid at the top is soft-closing in nature, meaning if you try to close the door then it will move slowly. This is done so that it does not harm your fingers by accident. The door glass is pretty durable and won’t break even with good pressure.

Comes with the usual Child Lock safety which can be enabled by using the control settings. It will lock all the buttons so that young children at your home do not interfere in between a wash cycle. The company has given a one-touch start feature to allow first time users to make everything look a lot easier.

Each company has its own name for the restart mechanism or restart function of their machine, for this Bosch washer it is called Power-off memory. This allows the continuation of a wash cycle left in between during a power cut. The dispenser compartment is divided into two – one for using power detergent and another for liquid detergent.

If you are looking for a hot wash cleaning program then let me tell you this washer does not have a built-in heater. If you buy this machine, then you will get a complete 2 year warranty on it.

  • German Manufacturer
  • Magic Filter
  • Fully Digital Control Panel
  • Smaller Washer Drum

7. Haier 6.2 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Key Specifications
  • Model: HWM62-AE
  • Capacity: 6.2 kg
  • Max RPM: 801
  • Drum Type: Stainless Steel
  • Special Features: Oceanus Wave Drum
  • Warranty: 2 Year

To satisfy the needs of middle class people and bachelors who are on a tight budget, Haier brings you a 6.2kg fully automatic top loading washing machine at a very low pricing. At the time of reviewing this product it was priced around 13,000/-, this is a very attractive pricing for a fully automatic machine.

The washer drum is made of stainless steel and the body is made of plastic to lower down the cost. It comes with 8 wash programs to choose from. Its oceanus wave drum effectively cleans your laundry with less friction so that the damage at the microscopic level is the minimum.

For collecting lint, fluff, etc it utilizes a bionic magic filter. It uses a plustator for washing and creates swirling motion instead of an agitator. Haier has tied up with Ariel for this machine, they have developed a special wash program which is designed to deliver great cleaning and consume low amounts of water leading to water saving.

Other features include child lock and fuzzy logic. The former restricts young children from interrupting wash programs in between and the latter allows the washer to utilize water and spin speed based on the load. The company offers a complete 1 year warranty on the product.

  • Best for Couples on Tight Budget
  • Get 1 kg Ariel detergent for free
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • Plastic Build
  • Top lid is not completely transparent

Quick Buying Guide

Choose the Capacity

First thing to decide on is the washer capacity, this depends on your laundry requirement and the number of people in your family.

Below is the table using which you can determine the washer capacity.

Number of MembersWasher Capacity
25-6 kg
47.5 kg
6-710+ kg

Remember never fill the washer drum completely, it can make it unbalance while spinning.

Always keep 1/4th space empty.

Look for wash programs

A Fully Automatic Top Load washing machine comes with several wash programs each suitable for different kinds of fabric and cloth.

The names of wash programs can differ for different brand’s washers but the end goal will be the same.

These are normal wash, cotton wash, delicate wash, wool wash, quick wash, hot wash, etc.

Hot wash programs are uncommon to see in top loaders.

When buying a washing machine first check the “quick wash” program. Quick wash allows your laundry to get cleaned within a few minutes.


Whatever be the product, it must come under your budget unless you are super rich.

Top Load washing machines are priced between semi automatic and front loaders.

The pricing starts from 13,000/- and goes upto 25,000/-.

Keeping this point in mind, choose your washer.

After Sales Support

This is the most important aspect when buying any appliance from a brand. You can check our top brands for washing machines article to know more.

A product can be the best in the market but if its after sales support and servicing is poor then it can cost you more in the longer run.

To check the after sales support of a washing machine brand, ask you neighbors or friends in your area.

The quality of service changes from area to area. So determine which brand servicing is good in your area.

On a general note, servicing of Samsung, LG, Whirlpool are best all over the country whereas servicing of IFB is the worst.

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