Best Washing Machine Stand for Front and Top Load India

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This post brings the reader with the best washing machine stand with great comparisons along with a complete buying guide.

Buying Guide for Stand

1. Choose stand according to your requirements

Consumers use a stand for mainly two reasons

  • Making space beneath

For cleaning purposes and protecting the appliance body from water. 

  • Enabling Mobility

For moving the appliance from room to room or kitchen/washroom.

If you want both features then look for a stand with wheels. If you want to protect your washer from rusting only then look for a simple and strong stand with no wheels.

2. Taller stand will be a bad choice

Taller stand increases the risk of falling.

For an appliance like the washing machine, a taller stand is the worst type of stand because it shakes during its operation unlike a fridge or dishwasher. With higher height the chances of the washing machine to fall down or topple increases.

Taller stand is a big NO NO!!

3. Stand with wheel + jack/grip very useful for Top Load

Such a stand allows for moveability and when the machine is set for working the jack/grip is fastened to the ground to reduce shaking. 

The only problem I observed is that the grip is not fixed diagonally in almost all stand designs, instead it is straight. This will be able to resist shaking in only one direction but I fear for the perpendicular direction. For ex – it may resist shaking in North-South direction but may not be able to resist in West-East direction.

The manufacturers should make this grip diagonal, this will reduce the risk in washing machines from falling down.

4. Caution with Front Load Washer

Front Load washer shakes too much.

I personally believe that a fixed stand will be not good because when the washing machine shakes during its operation then the stand too will shake but if the stand has wheels and is not fixed to the ground then it will move a little to and for with the machine, this counters the shaking and reduces the chance of machine from falling down.

5. Adjustable vs Non-adjustable Stand

Stands can be categorised as adjustable and non-adjustable.

Adjustable stand may not be good for higher capacity washing machines like let’s say above 8 kg. 

Higher capacity washers have bigger dimensions. So to use such a washer with an adjustable stand the stand will need to be used at its maximum dimension.

In such a position the stand is weakest in the middle of the rods.

With use the rod can damage, break, or bend from the middle after some years. 

Adjustable stand is fine for smaller capacity washing machines.
Non-adjustable stand is more sturdy and resilient for bearing heavy weight. That is why I recommend it for front loaders.

Best Washing Machine Stand

1. Smart Shelter PremiumHeavy Duty Stand


  • Adjustable Stand with size varying from 16.5 x 19.5 – 25.5 x 32 inches
  • Height of stand: 4 inch
  • Made of Steel
  • Rotatable Wheels along with jack for fixing the stand on ground

“Best for Top Load Automatic Washing Machine, Not Suitable for Front Load Washing Machine”

What we like

  • The wheels fixed at the bottom are double wheels, i.e, it is designed for heavy duty use and bearing heavy weight.
  • The stand is adjustable so it can fit many size variants, it can also be used for refrigerator, dishwashers. There are 4 locks/knobs at the bottom for increasing or decreasing the dimension of the stand.
  • We love the fact that thick metal rectangular bases are provided at the corners of the stand which provide added stability for bearing an appliance.

What we don’t like

  • Not Suitable for Front Load Washing Machine. We believe that an adjustable stand will not be strong and sturdy for a heavy appliance like a front load washing machine.
  • Build quality and strength is average but OK OK for use with Top Load machines.

2. Irkaja Heavy Duty Metal Stand


  • Adjustable Stand with size varying from 16 x 19 – 26 x 31 inches
  • Height of stand: 3.6 inch
  • Made of Iron with protection against rusting
  • Rotatable Wheels along with jack for fixing the stand on ground

“Recommended for Top Load Washing Machine”

“Not Suitable for Front Load Washing Machine”

What we like

  • Price is reasonable for a heavy duty stand. Comes with wheels for easy moveability along with fastening jacks.
  • Comes in two different colours of black and brown.
  • The grip for fastening to ground is made of rubber and wheels are made of plastic.
  • The knobs used for adjusting the size of this stand are positioned such that it can not be accessed once the machine is loaded on the stand.

What we don’t like

  • Not Suitable for use with a front load washing machine due to adjustable arms feature. The stand is not firm during the drying cycle and creates a lot of noise.
  • Its rods are weak at the middle portion. Not Suitable for big size washing machines with capacity greater than 8 kg.

3. JASDONE Washing Machine Non-Adjustable stand


  • Non-Adjustable Stand
  • Heavy duty stand for bearing heavy appliances
  • Comes with Jasdone Grip

“Highly Recommended for Front Load Washing Machine”

This stand is not adjustable but comes in various size options, so choose the appropriate size before buying.

This one is better for a front load washing machine, it is way more sturdy than other stands present in the list. Comes with jardone grip which is said to be more resilient than normal grip.

Front Load Washing machine weight starts from 50 kg and goes upto 80-90 kg for large capacity washers. For such a heavy appliance we need a resilient stand. 

Adjustable stands are not that resilient than non-adjustable stands.

What we like

  • Its Non Adjustable feature makes it more sturdy especially for front load washing machines.
  • Can be used for both front load and top load washing machine
  • The built quality is superb and is sufficient to bear a heavy appliance weighing upto 100kg. Though the seller claims max weight bearing as 235 kg.

What we don’t like

  • Quite an expensive stand than other popular stands in the market.

4. ZQRA Washing Machine Feet Pads


  • No Wheels, only increases height
  • 4 Pcs Set
  • Made of rubber and plastic

No wheels, only fastens the machine to the ground and makes space beneath the machine.

“Best option when you only want to increase the height of the washer”

Consumers who place their washer inside the kitchen always use a stand to increase the height. This is done to cut contact of water and moisture with the bottom body. 

Water can rust the outer body with time. By using this one can easily cut the machine’s contact with the ground and water.

What we like

  • Cheapest alternative to a fully functional stand. It does the job of making space beneath the machine by raising its height.
  • Easy to use. Just put the pads beneath the four corners of the washing machine.
  • Can also be used with other appliances like fridge, dishwasher.

What we don’t like

  • It is marketed as an anti vibration pad. We cannot guarantee that it will reduce washing machine vibrations and shaking. We observed mixed results, some users found it useful but others don’t in terms of reducing shaking.
  • No Wheels, so cannot be used for mobility of an appliance.

5. Hexzone TAFTA heavy duty Trolley


  • Adjustable stand: 40 x 60 cm to 48 x 76
  • Height of stand is 3.5 inch
  • Comes with Wheels

This stand from Hexzone is also a trolley with wheels and jack for fixing against ground.

The rods used in it are made of strong metal, other components like the jack and wheels are made of plastic.

The base on which the appliance is placed has rubber pads, this provides resistance against shaking.

What we like

  • Its dimensions can be changed to fit an appliance size. Suitable for multiple appliances like fridge, washing machine, cooler, etc.
  • Comes with rotatable 360 degree wheels, makes an unmovable heavy washing machine moveable.
  • Relatively cheaper than other stands in our list

What we don’t like

  • Average Build Quality, use only with smaller capacity washing machines.
  • Not suitable for a front load washing machine. May shake, vibrate violently during the drying cycle.

6. Aviksha Enterprise Heavy Duty Stand


  • Adjustable Stand with size varying from 17 x 17 – 29 x 29 inches
  • Height of stand: 4 inch
  • Can bear upto 150 kgs

Check this heavy duty stand from Aviksha Enterprise, one unique feature to check this product is its locking mechanism. It does not have an outward jack for the same.

The panels used in this stand which comes under the washing machine are big in size when compared to most of the washers.

What we like

  • It has a locking mechanism present on the wheels itself. Unlike other major stands with grip/jack, it has no jack which protrudes outwards. Some users didn’t like the protruding jack because it can touch our feet while we are walking.
  • The highest quality wheels used in the entire market.

What we don’t like

  • Comes with a higher price tag.
  • Not suitable for a front load washing machine. We do not recommend an adjustable stand with a front loader.

7. Bosch Washing Machine Stand


  • Dimension of stand is 54 x 49 cm
  • Height of stand: 2.5 inch
  • No Wheels

Have a look at this stand from Bosch.

“The most expensive stand in the market”

This product is recommended by the seller for Bosch front load washing machines. However we are neutral on this statement. 

The stand is so sturdy and powerful that it itself weighs 5.5 kgs. This is really heavy.

What we like

  • Product from a good brand like Bosch.
  • Stand is sturdy and strong, it is made of steel. Will last a decade.
  • Its Powder-coated steel frame will not corrode due to rusting from moisture.

What we don’t like

  • Very expensive washing machine stand
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