Can we wash shoes in a washing machine

Whether it be a party, office space, trekking, or sports we take our favourite shoes with us.

But do we wear the same shoe for every occasion


We ought to use different types of shoes for different occasion

With time our shoes gets dirty and smelly.

You need to clean your shoe occasionally, it does not look good to wear a dirty and stained shoe. 

But how to clean your shoes 

Can I wash shoes in a washing machine

Let’s know

You can wash your branded shoes in a washing machine provided it is made of nylon, or fabric, or synthetic leather, or PVC, or canvas, and its build is durable. To be 100% sure check the instruction on the product manual given with the shoe or written on the online portal at the time of buying

Types of Shoes that can be washed in a washing machine

  • Canvas Shoe
  • Sports Shoe
  • Running Shoe
  • Nylon Shoe

Type of Shoes that cannot be washed in a washing machine

  • Leather Shoe
  • Designer Shoe
  • Locally made Shoe

Before you put your dirty pair of shoe inside a washing machine know that this appliance is heavy on shoes.

Knowing this point you can use any sturdy and strong built shoe like sports shoe, nylon shoe from good brands(their shoes have strong built) inside a washing machine without any worry.

But never use water on a leather shoe.

Also, a shoe may have instruction specially written for washing like in the case of this sneaker for men

washing instruction for a shoe
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It specifically instructs to not use the shoe in a washing machine

Locally Made Shoes

The shoes that you buy locally are not very durable.

Many cheap quality shoes will have glue used to bind the material together or may have cheap quality sole.

It is better to hand wash such kind of shoe.

Designer shoes

Designer shoes are delicate kind of shoes

This kind of shoes may lose shine or their original design after wash from a washing machine

What about Leather Shoes

Neve use water on leather shoes.

Leather shoe soaked in water can get permanently damaged, it can develop cracks or change its shape

Use a delicate cloth to remove the dirt from the shoe surface.

You can use commercial polish like the kiwi shoe polish to make the shoe shine as new.

kiwi shoe polish


If you have made up your decision to wash your shoe in a washing machine.

Then do note to put very little detergent in it. You can also put some vinegar along with the detergent.

Don’t use hot water, use normal cold water

Run the machine for a very short period like 5 minutes.

And tie the shoelace tightly so that it does not loosen inside and entangles with something

It is also recommended to put a big towel inside with the shoes to prevent the washing machine drum from unbalancing is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you purchase using any amazon links on this website then I get a small commission for it.