Can you only dry clothes in automatic Washing Machine

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All modern automatic washing machines come with various wash settings along with a spin only or dry only setting.

This setting allows you to dry only your clothes without washing in the machine first.

Usually when clothes go inside a washing machine. It first goes through wash, rinse, and spin or dry cycle in sequence.

The dry cycle is the last cycle meant for drying the laundry.

But you can also use this dry cycle straight away.

In this the drum spins at a high speed to extract the water out. You can get your clothes dry by 70-75% after which you will need to put your clothes in direct sunlight outdoors for complete drying.

Dry only setting is called “Spin Mode”. Your washing machine may also have speed settings to choose from.

This will be in RPM(revolution per minute). 

What if I don’t get any sunlight?

Do you live in a high rise building or a congested area where sunlight barely comes. 

If by any chance you are unable to get sunlight for hanging your clothes for drying.

Then you can also put your clothes under the ceiling fan. 

Set the fan speed to the highest and your clothes will dry completely within 15-30 minutes.

How to get 100% drying without using sunlight?

If you want your clothes to come out 100% dry after the “dry cycle” and you may never require the use of sunlight.

Then you will need a dryer. 

At the time of buying a washing machine you can buy a washing machine + dryer combo.

This will add to your cost plus will take more room space but will give you 100% dried out clothes that can straight away go for iron press.

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