3 Compartments in the Washing Machine Drawer (Explained)

What are the 3 compartments in a washing machine drawer? Your washing machine contains different compartments for various washing needs (such as detergents, fabric softeners, and so on). When using the washing machine, make sure you put the right product in the right compartment.

The 3 Washing Machine Drawer Compartments.

It’s really simple. The compartments are for the following things:

  1. Main Wash
  2.  Fabric Softener
  3.  Prewash 

1. Main Wash (Symbol ⓛ )

Main Wash drawer

The main wash compartment is usually larger than the other two and is labeled “II” or “2,” suggesting that it is for the main wash and that you should pour the detergent for the main wash into this compartment.

This section can hold either powder or liquid detergent. However, if you intend to use a tablet or capsule detergent, place it within the washing machine’s drum.

Before you put in your detergent, think about what you’re going to wash and read the back of the packet to put the exact amount in the slot.

2. Fabric Softener (Symbol ⊛ )

A fabric softener compartment is usually the smallest and is usually designated with a star OR flower symbol, indicating that the compartment is just for softeners and should not be contaminated with other liquids or detergents.

However, make certain that you did not position higher than the line indicated by the Max option. In a nutshell, this compartment is intended for addictives, perfumes, starch, brightness, and a variety of other substances.

Fabric softener is usually added during the rinse stage, at the end of the main wash cycle.

3. Prewash  (Symbol ⑪ )

Although the Main wash cycle is good enough to clean your clothes it is not fully sufficient in case of extra dirty clothes.
Pre-washing the clothes before the Main wash cycle helps to loosen up the dirt particles from your clothes. This compartment is often labeled as 1 or | . If you forget to fill this drawer but you still select Pre-wash Cycle your clothes will directly go through the Main wash cycle and might not get cleaned as you want them to be.

Types of Drawer Models of 3 compartments

There are basically 2 types of Drawer Models for 3 compartments Drawers.

  • Type 1 Drawer Model
  • Type 2 Drawer Model

Type 1 Drawer Model

This is the most common Model, all the partitions are almost the same in size and lined up next to each other in a row.

  1. Main wash compartment: Main wash detergent, water softener, pre-soaking agent, bleach, and spot remover.
  2. Softener compartment: Fabric softener (do not fill higher than the MAX line).
  3. Prewash compartment: Prewash detergent or starch.

Type 2 Drawer Model

Type 2 Drawer Model

This works the same but the design is somewhat different in type II models. As we see that the main wash compartment is larger than the other two compartments.

  1. Main wash compartment: Main wash detergent, water softener, pre-soaking agent, bleach, and spot remover.
  2. Softener compartment: Fabric softener (do not fill higher than the MAX line).
  3. Prewash compartment: Prewash detergent or starch.

Auto-Dispense Unit

Automatic dispenser models include three compartments: two for automatic dispensing and one for manual input. If you enable the Auto Detergent and Auto Softener options, the washing machine will dispense an appropriate amount of detergent or fabric softener into the drum based on the cycle.

  1. Auto Softener compartment: Fabric softener only.
  2. Auto Detergent compartment: Liquid detergent only.
  3. Detergent compartment: If required, manually add the detergent as directed by the manufacturer. Completely Fill, as indicated by the refill line. The machine will automatically take the appropriate amount of washing liquid.

Faq’s On Compartments In A Washing Machine Drawer

Q1 . What Are Washing Machine Drawer Symbols?

Each Compartment in a washing machine drawer has a different symbol since each compartment has a different purpose, below are the 3 types of washing machine drawer compartments with their symbols.

  • The first compartment is dedicated to pre-wash detergent. This is a powerful detergent used to remove difficult stains prior to the main wash cycle. The pre-wash symbol is ① .
  • The main laundry detergent is kept in the second compartment. This is a standard detergent used during the primary wash cycle. The main wash symbol is ⑪ .
  • Fabric softener is stored in the third compartment. This is used to soften garments and prevent static cling following the primary wash cycle. Fabric softener symbol is ❀ .

Q2. Which drawer do you put detergent in the washing machine?

Watch out for the symbols on the detergent tray; you should have one. The one that says “II” OR “2” is usually where you pour the detergent. In addition, the primary wash detergent tray is larger than the other compartments, which can be good sign.

Q3. Where Do You Put Fabric Softener?

Always check for a notice or symbol in the drawer indicating that the tray is for fabric softener. Typically, a Star OR a flower symbol on the tray indicates that it is intended for fabric softeners.

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