Is Washing Machine Stand necessary for Top and Front load

Use of a washing machine stand is not necessary, neither any brand advises the same but still people prefer to use a stand for easy mobility, prevention against rusting, and making cleaning beneath it possible. On the other hand it increases shaking and risk of falling.

There is both good and bad with use of a stand, you must look at both before deciding

Why people use washing machine stand

1. Easy Mobility using Stand with Wheels

Fact: Many people ask – do washing machine have wheels?
You should know that fully automatic washing machines do not have wheels, this goes true for both top and front load. Only semi automatic washing machines have castor wheels.

Without wheels it is troublesome to move washing machines especially front load washers because of their weight. Weight of front load washers starts from 50 kg.

2. Cleaning beneath the Washing Machine becomes Possible

Be it any stand with or without wheels, essentially all stands increase the height by creating space beneath the appliance.

This makes it easy to clean below the washer.

3. Protects the outer body from corrosion

Washing machine’s outer body can rust with time if it comes in contact with a continuous supply of water.

That is why people advise not to place the washer inside of the washroom. Either place it just outside the bathroom or use a stand inside.

However outer body rusting does not hinder the working of the machine. Also modern washers are better at handling rust.

Essentially a stand cuts the contact of the washer’s body with the ground and water.

Disadvantage of Using Washing Machine Stand

1. Washing Machine Shakes more

With the use of a stand your washer will shake more, this will be visible during the spin cycle.

During the spin cycle the speed of the washer drum which is measured in RPM is high.

That is why it shakes more in the spin cycle.

Science behind it – I think the reason behind the increased shaking with the use of a stand is the raised centre of gravity of the washing machine.

2. Can void warranty of your Washing Machine

Many users claimed that use of a stand or trolley may void their washing machines warranty.

With front load washers many service guys strictly said that use of trolley will void the warranty.

So please double check this and read your appliance warranty card before getting a washing machine stand.

You can also ask the company or technician for the same.

3. Front Load Washing Machine can Fall

Fact: Front Load washers have high RPM speed which can go as high as 1400 RPM during spin cycle.

With high RPM the washer will vibrate and shake more with the use of a stand. 

So the front load washer may shake violently with the use of a stand during the spin cycle.

There is a possibility of the appliance falling down.

Check this quick video which shows how the front load washing machine changes position via shaking. Now imagine if it was on a stand.

Recommended Stands

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