What is Lint Filter in Washing Machine? How to Clean it?

Lint Filter in Washing Machine will be covered in this article.

This article is specific for top load washing machines. 

There is no lint filter in front load washers. However, they can have debris filter

What is Lint?

dry lint in hand

Lint refers to the visible accumulation of fibres and other materials. It consists of tiny bits of fibres that break off from our clothing due to friction.

Clothes made of natural material like cotton and wool generate more lint than clothes made of nylon or synthetic materials.

Lint can easily cling onto fabrics of our clothing. It does not matter from which cloth the lint came.

What is a Lint filter?

Lint Filter is a small pore mesh filter located inside of the washer drum. Its only job is to collect lint released from clothes during washing. 

It can also be referred by different names

Like LG and Samsung have designed a unique lint filter and they call it the ‘Magic Filter’

During a wash-cycle fabric shed off lint. This lint lifts from the garments but remains on the fabric in a wet state. With time lint gets accumulated inside the lint filter

A lint filter needs to be cleaned at least once in 1-2 months

How to Remove Lint Filter in Washing Machine?

A Lint filter’s design and the process of cleaning it differs from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer.

Before you can start cleaning your lint filter you need to remove it from the washer drum.

You will mostly find the lint filter on the sides of a washer drum. It may be placed either high or low inside the drum.

Removing it is very easy. Just pull it from any side. You can try removing it by lifting it from the top or the bottom.

removal of lint filter gif

Locations where the lint filter can be found

  • Sides of the Washer Drum
  • Top of the center agitator
  • Near drainage outlet

After removal of the lint filter let’s look at its cleaning

How to Clean the Lint Filter in Washing Machine?

Things required

  • Brush
  • Soap

Step 1: Remove the lint filter from the washer.

Step 2: Use an old brush to remove the accumulated dirt and lint from the lint filter under running tap water.

Step 3: It may not get completely cleaned from the application of brush. Make a lukewarm/hot water + soap solution. Soak the filter in this solution for a few minutes then again brush to remove the remaining dirt. 

Step 4: Clean the empty space from where you removed the lint filter using the same brush or a small towel.

Step 5: Place the lint filter back to its place inside the washer. 

What happens when you don’t clean the lint filter?

With time lint fills the entire lint filter. There is no space left for extra lint.

Then the lint filter cannot catch lint for the next batch of clothes during a wash.

Slowly a cloth can accumulate too much lint in it which may or may not be visible.

This can damage the clothing itself.

For Specific Models

If you need specific guides for cleaning lint filters in LG or Samsung top load washing machines.

Then check the below videos

Lint Filter Cleaning for LG

Lint Filter Cleaning for Samsung

Lint Filter Cleaning for Haier

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