How to Remove Mold from Rubber Seal of Washing Machine

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Life is easy with your washing machine.

Just dump the clothes in it, put some detergent in the tray and bravo!

It comes clean and dry after some time.

But today you notice some black spots on the door’s rubber seal or on the gasket.

Well this is a mold formation

What is Mold and why it develops

A mold is a type of fungus that develops in humid conditions..

These molds multiply or to say reproduce through spores that travel through air.

Your room is filled with these spores

Mold can develop in any cavity with few water droplets and some kind of dirt.

Why Front Load Washing Machines often develop Molds

black mold on washing machine rubber seal

There are two types of washing machine – front load and top load 

But we hear only front loaders to have mold problems.


Reason 1: We generally keep the front loader’s door closed after any use. This prevents the inside humidity from drying out. 

Reason 2: Front loaders have their opening door at the front. This makes drying of humidity not that effective like in top load washers.

Reason 3: Front loader’s washing mechanism is different from that of top load washers. 

It uses very less water and the clothes tumble continuously. You need a different type of detergent specifically made for front load washers. 

Normal detergent leaves too much soapy solution, or froth, or sud in front loaders. 

This sud coats on the inside and on the lid of the washing machine leading to mold formation.

Reason 4: Froth, or sud, or dirt often gets trapped in the door’s seal. This is a sweet spot for mold formation.

Remove Mold from the Rubber Seal

Step 1: Get Mould Cleaning Solution

Buy or prepare a mold cleaning solution

If you look online on Amazon

And enter the query “mold cleaning sprays”

You will find these

mold cleaning sprays on amazon

Just grab one of these

Or You can make your own mold cleaning solution using bleach

Mix ¼ bleach + ¾ water 

And you own mold removal solution is ready

Other things like baking soda, vinegar are not at all effective. 

Step 2: Identify Mold Spots

Mold can develop in patches on the seal, or inside the seal, or behind the seal.

You need to identify all the spots of mold formation.

These are generally black in color.

If you see mold formation behind the rubber seal, then you will need to remove the seal from the machine. 

It is recommended to hire an expert or call the company’s servicemen in this case.

Step 3: Put the solution on the Mold

If you are using a spray then simply spray the solution on the mold spots. 

If you don’t have any sort of spray then use a sponge or cloth to soak the solution and apply it on the mold.

Remember to wear gloves.

Step 4: Apply plastic or paper towel on the Spots(optional)

The applied mold cleaning solution can dry out with time.

To prevent this you can apply plastic sheet on the spots or place a paper towel.

This step is optional but doing so can benefit you.

Step 5: Close the lid for 12-24 hours

Close the door after applying the solution.

You may keep it like this for an entire day.

Step 6: Wash the door seal with normal water

Remove the plastic wrap or paper towel if used.

Wash the lid with normal water.

Using a dry towel wipe out the lid thoroughly. 

Till now the black spots or mold formation will be gone.

If you can still see some black spots remaining, repeat the same process once more

Tips to prevent mold formation

  • Occasionally clean the washing machine. There will be a setting for cleaning like “Eco Drum Clean” in samsung washers. If there is no such setting then run the washing machine without clothes and set the temperature setting to 40 degree celcius
  • Use specially made high-efficiency detergent for front load washers
  • Keep the washer’s door slightly open always
  • Prevent accumulation of dust, dirt, froth, sud solution on door’s seal
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