9 Best Washing Machine Brands in India 2021

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Today we present you with the top washing machine brands available in India.

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The current market for washing machines is filled with multiple options to choose from.

To make your research easier we have done an in-depth research to bring you this list of the best companies for washing machines.

1. LG

LG washing machine insta post
Image Credit: Insta@lg_india

Life is Good with LG’s range of top and front load washers.

If you are looking for a good fully automatic washing machine along with the best servicing and after-sales support then LG is your best bet.

Below are a few technology innovations from LG which are unique to its washing machines.

Direct Drive: Introduced and developed by LG in washing machines. In this, the motor is directly attached to the washer drum and so pulley and belt are no more required. It reduces vibration and produces less noise.

6 Motion Direct Drive: Available in only a few selected LG’s front loaders. It involves the use of 6 different types of motion for achieving enhanced and ultra cleaning of clothes.

LG gives 10 years of warranty on its motors.

Many of the latest automatic washing machines come with the feature to connect with a smartphone so that it can be monitored with LG’s SmartThinQ app. 

2. Samsung

South Korean company which offers innovative washing machines.

Samsung is a famous brand for various electronic products and appliances and features some best washing machines.

Its fully automatic front load washer is one of the best in the market.

Features unique to Samsung

Eco Bubble Wash: Generates bubble which gets mixed with detergent for increasing its penetration into fabrics for better cleaning of dirt and stains.

QuickDrive: Technology designed to lower the washing time in half with its Q-drum design.

Eco Drum Cleaning: Wash program for self-cleaning of the washing machine, done with hot water.

Samsung’s washing machines can also be monitored with a smartphone.

It offers a 10 years warranty on its motors.

3. IFB

ifb washing machine insta post
Image Credit: Insta@ifbappliances

IFB is the leader in the front load washing machine segment. 

It is an Indian brand and gives fierce competition to international brands like Samsung, LG, Bosch, etc in the front load washers market.

Though its washing machines are top-notch but on the negative side, we found many consumers of the IFB brand complaining about its after-sales service.

360° Wash: Water is sprayed with force in a 360° manner inside the drum on the garments.

O2 Wash: Innovation by IFB in which the washer generates air bubbles that go deep into the fabric to remove out the dirt for better cleaning.

4. Whirlpool

whirlpool washing machine insta post
Image Credit: Insta@whirlpool_india

Whirlpool is one of the leading appliance brands in India.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly washer then whirlpool is the brand for you.

Whirlpool’s semi-automatic models are the most selling washing machine in its category.

It is the go-to brand for semi-automatic models for middle-class families looking for a low-cost solution for their laundry needs.

5. Bosch

bosch washing machine insta post
Image Credit: Insta@boschhomein

Bosch is an international company from Germany. 

It offers a top line of products with innovative engineering.

Its top load washer offers great wash quality with the latest features.

VarioDrum: For ensuring a deep clean, the washer drum rotates in one direction and the flat side gently cleans.

Anti-Vibration: To reduce the vibrations occurring during the spin cycle it tries to maintain the load balance by adjusting the drum motion.

6. Godrej

Godrej is an Indian MNC headquartered in Mumbai.

It is known for introducing an inclined drum in the front load washing machines.

If you buy the fully automatic washers of this company then let me tell you that it uses eco-balance technology and conforms to European energy efficiency standards.

7. Panasonic

Japanese manufacturer of washing machines.

They offer a complete range of washers from semi-automatic to fully automatic machines.

Higher durability, better wash quality, energy efficiency all can be yours at budget-friendly prices with Panasonic.

8. Haier

It is known for manufacturing home appliances which include washing machines, air conditioner, etc

Way back in 2004 it was awarded as the best washing machine brand.

You can find Haier to be more affordable than most other brands.

9. Onida

Onida is an Indian Company.

If you support made in India movement then you can consider using its washing machines.

All the major variants semi-automatic, top load, front load fully automatic washing machines are available at a budget-friendly cost from Onida.

With several wash programs and features like child lock, unbalanced control system, stainless steel drum one cannot ignore Onida’s washing machine.

Wrapping Up

This post ends here, if you want to research more on washing machines then we highly suggest looking for our washing machine buying guide.

You will get all your remaining queries answered there.

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