Washing Machine Buying Guide

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If you are researching about washing machines and are unable to land on the right decision then hurry not and take your time. 

This post will guide you through choosing the right washing machine according to the requirements.

To make the right decision.

You will need to consider and decide on these things.

  • To choose Front load or Top Load
  • To choose Semi automatic or Fully automatic washer
  • What load capacity is suitable for my family
  • What features and wash programs to look for
  • Which brand to buy from

Types of Washing Machines

There are mostly 3 types of washing machines, you will have to choose one from these.

1. Semi automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Key Features

  • Cheapest washing machine
  • Basic Wash programs
  • Separate Washing and Drying drum
  • Requires Manual Labour
  • After washing, clothes need to be shifted from washer to dryer drum
  • Easy to Operate
  • Washing can be paused and re-continued from any point

2. Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Key Features

  • Many Wash Programs – Cotton wash, quick wash, wool wash, etc
  • No Manual labour required
  • Consumes less space
  • Saves Time

3. Front Load Washing Machine

Key Features

  • Many Wash Programs – Cotton wash, quick wash, wool wash, etc
  • Better Cleaning of clothes
  • Requires less water
  • Most Expensive
  • Cannot add laundry in between the wash cycle
Semi AutomaticFully Automatic
Room SpaceTakes More Room SpaceTakes Less Space
Washing ModesBasic & FewVarious
Wash DurationShorterLonger
ConvenienceRequires Manual LabourNo manual labor required

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Top LoadFront Load
Wash ProgramsVariousMany advanced wash programs
Water UsageHighVery Low
Mold IssueRareCommon
Loading of ClothesFrom TopFrom Front

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After looking upon the features and differences between each type of washing machine you also will have to look at your budget.

Semi-automatic will cost you the least while front load washer will cost you the most but it will be worth it.

While a fully automatic top load washer is value for money. It saves you from manual labour like in the case of semi-automatic washer and gives many wash programs similarly as a front load washer.

Choose washing machine Capacity

Washing Machine comes in varying capacities, this is measured in kg.

This capacity is for taking the weight of the clothes. 

The washer drum where the clothes are placed can only take below the maximum weight of clothes that too within its empty space.

For example, in case of washing blankets, these take more space but have lower weight while jeans take less space but weigh more.

Higher the load capacity, higher will be its cost.

There is a rule of thumb to follow taking into consideration the number of members in one’s family. 

Depending upon that number, below is mentioned the washer drum capacity one should opt for in a washing machine that would accommodate the family’s wash requirements.

Family MemberCapacity
26-6.5 kg
36.5 kg
47.5-8 kg
610+ kg

You can also decide upon the number and types of clothes you will wash.

choose washing machine capacity based on number of clothes

In case if you get a smaller capacity washing machine then no worries, you can divide the batch of clothes for washing in multiple cycles.

But this will take more time.

Tip: It is better to wash bed sheets, towels, and pillowcases separately because tiny fabric from these stick to other clothes like shirts, trousers, etc.

Look for wash programs

There are many wash programs available in fully automatic washing machines. These are designed for specific requirements and fabric type.

You will not find any of the advanced wash programs in a semi-automatic washer.

1. Normal or Cotton Wash

This is meant for everyday washing of clothes. You can say it as the default wash program.

2. Delicate Wash

As the name suggests it is used for washing delicate clothes made of fabric like silk, linen, woolen, etc

In this, the spinning drum spins at the minimum speed to keep the delicate clothes safe from wear and tear.

3. Quick Wash

If you want to clean your clothes in a short period of time then use the quick wash program.

In this the spinning drum spins at a high speed.

This is meant for smaller volumes of clothes which are less dirty.

It will wash and dry your clothes within 15-30 minutes.

4. Sports Wash

This wash program is best for sportswear which are waterproof.

5. Easy Care

Non-cotton garments which are made of polyester do not require much care due to the synthetic fabric and so goes with this wash program.

6. Pre-Soak

If your clothes are too dirty then it needs a pre-wash before it can go through the main wash program.

Features to Look for 

1. LED Display

Modern washing machines come with a LED touch display to control wash programs and other settings.

At least the washer you look for should have an LED indicator that shows the wash setting, time remaining for completion of a wash cycle, etc

2. RPM

You will find RPM(revolution per minute) specified on each washing machine.

Higher the RPM, faster the washer drum will spin.

Helpful in faster and better drying.

3. Material of the drum

The washer drum can be made of plastic, stainless steel, enamel, etc

Stainless steel is the best.

Cheaper washer will come with a plastic drum.

4. Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy logic refers to the washing machine’s capability to choose the washing program, spin speed, etc automatically based on the load of clothes, fabric type, dirtiness level, etc.

It can also determine the amount of detergent required for a wash.

5. Built-in Heater

Some washing machines come with built-in heaters.

This allows them to heat the water for “hot wash”.

With high temperature, detergent works better by penetrating deep in the fabric, thus removing stains.

6. Dryer

Available on few machines, it dries your clothes completely so that you can wear them directly from the washer. 

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

  • Never overload the washing machine with loads of clothes, keep some space empty especially in the front loader.
  • Use the right type of detergent for your washer. You cannot use the normal detergent in the front loader. It needs specially made detergent.
  • Occasionally clean the washing machine from the inside using some cleaning agent like bleach.
  • Clean the drain pipe, lint filter, etc with time.

Washing Machine Brands

There are many brands which market their washing machine in India. You can now found almost all major brands.

These are namely LG, Samsung, IFB, Whirlpool, Godrej, Bosch, Haier, etc.

Buying from a good brand has its own benefits like durability, longevity, better servicing, etc

If you have decided to go with a semi-automatic washing machine then Whirlpool is your best option.

In front loaders, Samsung and LG are the best options.

Don’t buy from brands that offer lower pricing like Intex.

How long will my new washing machine last?

Usually, a washing machine can last 5-7 years easily and with good maintenance it can last up to 10 years.

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