What is meant by Cradle Wash in IFB Washing Machine

In short, “cradle wash” is to “delicate wash” like “friend” is to “companion”.

Cradle Wash = Delicate Wash

You read it right, cradle wash is the same as delicate wash, the only difference is that Cradle Wash is a trademark of IFB and is present as a wash setting only in IFB washing machines.

What is meant by the word Cradle?

Definition in Collins dictionary.

A cradle is a baby’s bed with high sides. Cradles often have curved bases so that they rock from side to side.

cradle bed

These can go to and fro to create swinging(jhula jhulna).

Cradle as verb

If you cradle someone or something in your arms or hands, you hold them carefully and gently.

Synonyms for cradle: nourish, nurture

All these definitions point to two things one is the baby bed and other is holding the baby in hand gently.

What is Cradle Wash?

As a newborn baby is very delicate and so we handle it delicately in our hands or swing it slowly on a jhula or palna.

Similarly IFB has created a wash program to wash your delicate clothes in a similar fashion as one handles a newborn gently.

Credit: Tenor.com

The washer drum goes in a cradle motion halfway back and forth just like a baby’s cradle. To be more precise the washer drum spins half-clockwise and half-anticlockwise. 

Often we tend to handwash our delicate clothes like silk because machine wash is hard on the fabric. The cloth will become weary within a few washes if a machine is used.

As per IFB to solve this they made the cradle wash program using which one can avoid hand washing delicate clothes. It will be delicate on the laundry similarly to handwashing.

We know handwashing is delicate on clothes.

This wash program is a trademark of IFB. Every IFB front load washing machine comes with this wash setting. 

Its similar setting can be found as the delicate wash setting in other brand’s washing machines.

Note: Cradle Wash is only found in IFB front loaders not top loaders.

What clothes can be washed using Cradle Wash

  • All Delicate Clothes
  • Silk
  • Linen
  • Lingerie
  • Designer Dress (Not Recommended)

Story behind cradle wash as per IFB

Consumers do not put delicate clothes like linen, silk, expensive designer dresses, etc in their washing machine.

Instead they hand wash it.

The delicate fabric can damage and the cloth can wear out fast.

Hand Washing demands labour and is time consuming.

To mimic handwashing in an automatic washing machine they created cradle wash which they claim is delicate on a fabric and a consumer will not require to hand wash their clothes by themselves.

Thus saving time!!

How does Cradle Wash work?

1. Water level starts to rise

To make cradle wash effective, the washer drum is filled with water high enough to submerge the laundry. 

This reduces the wear and tear caused from friction between the washer walls and the fabric of the cloth.

2. Washing Starts at low Speed

Tumbling starts and the washer drum spins at a very slow speed of 35 RPM.

3. Spin Cycle

After washing the delicate cloth, now it’s turn for the spinning cycle.

Usually this is done at a very high speed of 800-1200 RPM but here it done at 400 RPM.

The laundry leaves water and comes out dry.

How is Cradle Wash different from Delicate Wash?

My personal opinion!!!

I don’t think there is any difference between the both, or whether cradle wash is anyhow superior from the delicate wash settings found in other washing machines.

Both are meant to be used with delicate clothes.

It’s just a marketing BS.

By giving a wash program a unique name the product stands out from every product.

And so you buy it.

I do not recommend washing expensive designer clothes, silk, or lehnga using cradle wash or delicate wash of any other washer.

Designer clothes and lehnga is a big NO NO for washing machines.

The article ends here, I hope you found this post informative, you may also read about hard water wash in washing machines.


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