5 Best Descaling Powder for Washing Machine in India

This post brings you the best descale powder for washing machines. These will clean the washer drum from limescale formation if any and remove detergent residue and unwanted smell. Why use descaling powder Hard water leads to limescale formation on the walls of the washer … Read more

Best Detergent for Washing Machine

10 Best Detergent for Washing Machine in India

There are mainly three types of washing powder in the market. These are designed for hand washing, for top load washing machines, and for front load washing machines.  There are few differences between detergent used in a front load washer and a top load washer. … Read more

difference between front load detergent and top load detergent featured image

Difference between Top Load and Front Load Detergent

Every detergent is made different. Some are designed to be used with only washing machines, some are made for removing tough stains, and some are to be used only with delicates like silk, woollen, etc. That is why you should use the right type of … Read more

best washing machine

Top 10 Best Washing Machine in India

In this article you will find the best washing machines of every category – Top Load, Front Load, Semi Automatic; along with different pricing to satisfy the budget of every middle class person. If you made the decision to buy a washing machine for your … Read more

best Semi Automatic washer under 10000

5 Best Semi Automatic Washing machine under 10,000

This post brings you the list of best washing machines priced under 10,000/-. This list is made after hours of market research and reading several reviews. At this price point you will only find the semi automatic washers and for a quick summary below are … Read more

best washing machine with built in heater featured image

4 Best Washing Machine With Heater 2021

Hot water wash has its own benefits like increased detergent penetration, better removal of stains, and elimination of germs from laundry. This post brings you the best washing machine with a built-in heater.  Almost every front loader comes with a heater but not all top … Read more

best top loading washing machine featured image

Best Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

A fully automatic Top Load washing machine is the perfect balance between a semi automatic washer and a front load washer. It has major benefits of a front loader but costs less than it. This post brings you the list of best top load fully … Read more

best front loading washing machine featured image

Best Front Load Washing Machine in India

If you have decided to buy a front load washing machine over top load washing machine and now looking for the best front loading washing machine then this post is for you. However if you are still not clear on front load vs top load … Read more

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